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  • 1 Employees of I.M.P
    • 1.1 Blitzo
    • 1.2 Moxxie
    • 1.3 Millie
  • 2 Ars Goetia Family
    • 2.1 Stolas
    • 2.2 Stella
  • 3 Others
    • 3.1 Bombproof
    • 3.2 Lin and Joe
    • 3.3 Imp mariachi-oriented quartet
    • 3.4 Crimson
    • 3.5 Fizzarolli

Employees of I.M.P[]


Blitzo and Striker first met at Millie's ranch in "The Harvest Moon Festival". Outwardly, he was complimentary towards Blitzo, praising him for being able to operate his own business. Blitzo seemingly developed a minor crush on Striker, however there is no evidence that Striker returned the thought. Striker sufficiently impressed Blitzo and he offered him a job at I.M.P.

Following Striker's assassination plan being discovered, Striker attempted to convince Blitzo to join him in assassinating other overlords, which was rebuked. Striker may have been genuine in his offer, or he may have been simply trying to disarm and distract Blitzo.

However, during their fight Striker referred to Blitzo as a "rodeo-clown of a boss", this may suggest he never actually held much respect for Blitzo at all, or that his opinion of Blitzo turned sharply negative following Blitzo coming to Stolas' defence.

It is seen throughout "Oops" that Striker remains hostile towards Blitzo and the constant losses and embarrassments caused to him by I.M.P, recently having driven him mad with rage.


Striker and Moxxie's relationship was antagonistic from their first encounter, with the pair quickly developing a rivalry. Striker would regularly attempt to undermine Moxxie, such as flirting with his wife or suggesting he may supplant Moxxie within I.M.P. His hostility towards Moxxie likely stems from his belief that Moxxie is "inferior" and is an overall weak imp. Their rivalry came to a head when Moxxie discovered Striker's plan to assassinate Stolas.

This animosity carries over in their second encounter, with both showing an eager willingness to kill the other. However, it is possible that Striker underestimated Moxxie's fighting ability since their first encounter due to Moxxie essentially able to fight to a near standstill with him while rescuing Stolas.

Moxxie was easily able to identify the cowboy who kidnapped Stolas when the latter mentions he is "sexy".


Striker/Relationships (1)

Initially, Striker had a cordial relationship with Millie, including him flirting with her on occasion and otherwise acting respectful towards her. However Millie became hostile towards Striker after she discovered Striker attempting to murder Moxxie. It is unknown if Striker's opinion of Millie has changed following his fight with her.

During their fight in "Western Energy", Striker showed no hesitation to kill Millie and even got the upper hand several times. When throwing her battle axe at her, he notably showed playful frustration that he failed to decapitate her, only able to pin her by the neck to a stalagmite.

Ars Goetia Family[]


As Stolas is a member of demon royalty, Striker has a negative opinion of him. He declares him to be a "ditzy blue blood", and has no qualms in attempting to assassinate him.

In "Western Energy", Striker managed to kidnap Stolas and take him back to his lair to torture and kill him. Striker expressed his hatred toward the Royal Demons and got angry when Stolas didn't give into his pain when he was getting stabbed. Even though Stella called off the hit, Striker harbored a desire to still torture and maim the prince, wishing to take Stolas' eyes as a trophy until Moxxie and Millie came to save him.


At the end of "The Harvest Moon Festival", it was revealed that Stella was the one who hired Striker to kill Stolas at the festival. Striker acted cordial and professional in his phone conversation with Stella. In "Western Energy", while he remained cordial once again with her, Striker became annoyed when Stella changed their plans and requested Stolas not be killed after all; after the call ended, Striker's actual thoughts on Stella became apparent as he referred to her as a royal c*nt.



Bombproof is Striker's trusty steed. They only interact when Striker is riding him, but they are shown to have a positive/neutral dynamic because Bombproof nor Striker are seen mistreating each other.

Lin and Joe[]

Not much is known about their relationship, however Lin and Joe seemingly held a positive view of Striker. It is unknown what Striker's views on the pair are.

Imp mariachi-oriented quartet[]

Striker/Relationships (2)

The quartet are four imps who constantly follow Striker and sing a ballad they dedicated to him. Despite being a narcissist, Striker has gotten so fed up with them following him and singing the song that he yells at them to leave him alone while he's working.


During the events of "Oops", Crimson was interviewing Striker to possibly hire him for a target. Attempting to impress Crimson, he bragged about how ruthless he can be, telling mafia boss that he isn't afraid to go after anyone, including women, children and cute little creatures. After Striker snatched a valuable object of ransom for Crimson's mafia, Crimson quickly hired Striker. Striker seems to respect Crimson, as he did what he was told without question.


It is presumed that Striker is aware of Fizzarolli's relationship with Asmodeus as he was with Crimson who wanted Fizzarolli hostage and held him for ransom. Similar to how he looks down on Blitzo's relationship with Stolas, Striker had no problem insulting Fizzarolli and degrading him for being with a member of demon royalty.

Striker/Relationships (2024)


Does striker like Moxxie? ›

Striker and Moxxie's relationship was antagonistic from their first encounter, with the pair quickly developing a rivalry. Striker would regularly attempt to undermine Moxxie, such as flirting with his wife or suggesting he may supplant Moxxie within I.M.P.

Does Blitzo have a crush on Striker? ›

It is suggested Blitzo may have developed a slight crush towards Striker, though this was seemingly not reciprocated. After they tied for victory in the Pain Games, Blitzo decided to hire him to come work for I.M.P, much to Moxxie's displeasure.

Is Blitzo in love with Stolas? ›

Without Stolas he is alone that's why he was worried that Striker may kill the only thing that keeps him from being alone. This episode also showed that Blitzø actually fell in love with Stolas, even though this was mostly a Moxxie X Blitzø centered episode, they did a great job showing that he fell for him.

What species of demon is striker? ›

Striker has several traits of a snake, such as rattling his tail, and occasionally making a hissing sound whenever he speaks. This Striker belongs to a rare variety of imps called arch-imps, while his canonical counterpart is a hybrid of an imp and an unspecified hellborn species.

Who is Blitzo ex wife? ›

Verosika Mayday is a succubus demon and a famous popstar in both Hell and the living world. She is Blitzo's ex-girlfriend and a supporting antagonist in Helluva Boss who made her debut alongside her crew in "Spring Broken". Verosika is a tall, hot pink-skinned succubus demon with an hourglass figure.

Who is Blitzo shipped with? ›

Stolitz is one of the most popular ships in Helluva Boss. Fans shipped the two for many and various reasons. The first reason for the popularity was Stolas and Blitzo being in an ongoing sexual affair, as fans found this a very interesting prospect to build off of into a full-blown romantic relationship.

How did Blitzo get his scar? ›

As a result of a batch of fireworks being lit, Blitzo and Fizzarolli were horribly injured and burned, with the former's face gaining his signature white scar and the latter losing his arms, legs and horns, being forced to use his cybernetics limbs.

Who is Blitzo's mom? ›

Tilla, Blitzo's mother and an imp circus performer. She was killed in a fire that Blitzo accidentally started.

Does Verosika still love Blitzo? ›

She went through great lengths to show her love for Blitzø, even getting a tattoo in his name (which she later had crossed off following their breakup). Unfortunately, Blitzø did not reciprocate her feelings as he did not believe that she truly loved him.

Who does Fizzarolli have a crush on? ›

Asmodeus. Asmodeus is Fizzarolli's boss and a potential lover of his.

Did Stella ever love Stolas? ›

Stolas. Stolas was married to Stella, but the two are implied to have never got along with each other, with their marriage having been arranged when they were both children. As shown in a flashback, Stolas was shown to be frustrated that Stella did not want to comfort Octavia after she had a nightmare.

Is Stolas stronger than Alastor? ›

She did however reveal that his powers work differently than Alastor's, and even said that Stolas is actually stronger than him; Stolas has since been confirmed to be more powerful to most demons but below the Seven Princes and Lucifer.

Is Striker dead Helluva Boss? ›

Kaine had to lock Striker's page because people kept changing his status. So let me explain why he isn't dead. Spoilers for Western Energy. When the statue was knocked down on top of him we can't really see him move out of the way, but we can see him scrambling beneath it just before there is a cloud of dust/sand.

Who is Moxxie in love with? ›

Millie is Moxxie's wife and co-worker. They have a very positive relationship with each other, with Moxxie often verbally and physically expressing his love and adoration towards Millie. He appears to adore Millie's sad*stic tendencies to a degree.

What did Striker do to Moxxie? ›

Just as Striker had the upper hand against the two, he then tries to strangle Moxxie since the last time they fought before Moxxie gets him to lower his guard quickly when he pervertedly said "harder" as the latter easily outwits him with Millie taking down Striker's statue on top of him for the kill.

Does Millie like Moxxie? ›

Millie and Moxxie are husband and wife, as well as co-workers at I.M.P. They are shown to have an overall positive and happy relationship. In the pilot episode of Helluva Boss they are seen cooking together and joyfully singing Oh Millie. The two almost kissed in the episode but were interrupted by their boss, Blitzo.

Does chaz like Moxxie? ›

Chazwick Thurman was a minor antagonist of Helluva Boss who made his debut in "Exes and Oohs". He was the ex-boyfriend of Moxxie and Millie, whom convinced Crimson to let him marry the mob boss' son in order to join his mafia and leech off the family's money.


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